Generative Art Timepieces

From Math, Beauty. From Time, Art.

Time stands still for no one.

With cambia432 that's never been more true.

That’s because cambia432 is all about change. From minute to minute, hour to hour, a cambia432 timepiece constantly unfolds to reveal its complete design.

  • Clockfaces are mathematically generated in real time
  • No hands! Cambia432 uses progressive illumination to indicate the time

Video: “Minima”, 11 PM – 12 AM



It's okay to be two-faced. Or three- or four-faced.

cambia432 comes with four unique clock designs


Minima's delicate design offers a twist on the standard polar clock. Keep an eye on the center, and watch a flower grow before your eyes!


Spira introduces a completely new movement. Beautiful to watch, and surprisingly intuitive.

Lyria I

Lyria is actually an analog 'handed' clock, but we thought it was too cool to leave out. Consider it a bonus!

Lyria II

Lyria II is identical to Lyria I, but with minute-markers removed, leaving a minimal, ultramodern look. Double bonus!

Also Included. . .

Digital Display

For a more concrete reference, a conventional digital display is available with two quick taps.

Analog Numeric Overlay

You can also toggle a view of traditional numbering around the clockface

Clockwatching just got respectable.

Because cambia432 is more than a clock. It's Art.

Videos and Images



In time, all shall be revealed

Learn more about cambia432 here

Cambia432 was made with Unity3D, an amazing and very popular game engine. We also relied heavily on several plugins, without which the app would not have been possible:

  • Vectrosity, from Starscene Software
  • PlayMaker, from Hutong Games
  • NGUI, from Tasharen Entertainment
Hats off and many thanks to the developers of these awesome products, and for their continued support throughout our development process.

No, sorry, cambia432 timepieces are not alarm clocks. Think of them more as wall or table clocks.

Version 1.0 of cambia432 can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store. If you would like to be notified of future releases, please sign up. Once you are signed up, you'll also be able to access the free web-based demo. You can also track the latest info by following us on Twitter.

We are not releasing the color customization component with Version 1, but it is in development, and should be available for the next release.

"Cambia" means "change" in several languages: Spanish, Italian, Latin. Because the core concept behind our timepiece designs is rooted in change, the name seemed to fit. To explain the significance of "432" and how it relates to cambia432 requires a much longer answer than we can provide here. You can be sure it will be the topic of at least one blog post in the near future . . . follow @cambia432 on Twitter so you don't miss it!
Not yet, but we would love to make that happen. Follow @cambia432 on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest developments!
First, make sure that you using a browser on a NON-MOBILE system, like a desktop or laptop. The demo WILL NOT RUN ON MOBILE DEVICES. Next, make sure you have the Unity Web Player plugin installed. You can download it here. If you're not sure if you have it already, the download site will do a check for you, and will let you know if you do or not. If that didn't help, then please email us at cambia432 AT memeticarts DOT com. Be sure to include a detailed description of your issue, and we'll do our best to help you out.

Cambia432 timepieces use your device's system clock, so the time displayed is as accurate as the time to which you've set your device.

Cambia432 is not set to an Internet clock, but rather to the system clock used by your device. If your device uses your wireless carrier as its time source, however, then it will be connected to the clock used by the network. But it doesn't have to be in order for it to work.

Other than the images on this site and those included in our media kit, we have not yet published any still images of cambia432. We do, however, anticipate making some available in the near future, in a variety of media. Please either sign up for our mailing list, or follow @cambia432 on Twitter for all of the latest information. Also, please remember that all of the images on this site are protected by copyright. Feel free to link to them from your site, with proper attribution, but if you want to print or use them in another context, please contact us directly for permission. Thanks!
Currently, no, but we're working to bring cambia432 to as many platforms as possible. Please sign up for our mailing list or follow us @cambia432 on Twitter to keep up with the latest developments and releases. Thanks!

We use a number of different equations. In general, though, they are all rooted in Polar Geometry, e.g. all of the resulting constructs form what are known as "Polar Curves".

Yes! We should have a handful of beautiful new clockfaces and mechanisms available via In-app Purchase in Fall 2014. Please sign up for our mailing list or follow us @cambia432 on Twitter to keep up with the latest developments and releases. Thanks!
Currently, Cambia432 is not out for the Android. We expect to have an Android version out by Holiday 2014. Please sign up for our mailing list or follow us @cambia432 on Twitter to keep up with the latest developments and releases. Thanks!